Mugen Seiki MTC2 (A2003-A og A2003-C)

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Mugen Seiki MTC-2  1:10 EP Touring Car Kit Aluminum Chassis (A2003-A og A2003-C)A2003-A Kit w/Alum. chassis A2003-C kit w/carbon chassis.

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Artikkelnummer: 70
Leverandør: Mugen Seiki

Mugen Seiki MTC2  1:10 EP Touring Car Kit Aluminum Chassis (A2003-A)

Mugen Seiki MTC2 1:10  EP Touring Car carbon Kit Chassis (A2003-C) CFRP

The new MTC2 from Mugen Seiki is an innovative chassis for all 1:10 touring car classes. The completely new developed vehicle makes the hearts of all technology enthusiastic racers beat faster and was tested very extensively by the Mugen team. The new MTC2 will inspire you and will surely help you to have great racing results and lots of fun on the track!


Features of the Mugen Seiki MTC2:



  • Mid-engine position and new centralized drivetrain for more stability, smooth acceleration and better balance on the track.

  • New bevel differential with no shims between housing and gears for less friction and more consistency.

  • New super lightweight spool and center drive.

  • Internal gear ratio = 1.9



  • New extra long carbon fiber sway bars with zero backlash pivot ball mounts.

  • Lightweight and adjustable aluminum lower shock and bar mounts.

  • Easy camber and caster adjustment on upper control arm.

  • Very low shock mount for a low center of gravity (LCG).

  • New, perfectly fitting short shocks with all adjustment options.

  • New aluminum shock mounts with infinite adjustability of shock position and the ability to run the bulkheads "unconnected".

  • Extra low mounted bars for a low center of gravity (LCG).

  • Adjustable aluminum "body height stoppers" to prevent body bottoming and tire dragging in wheel wells.



  • New aluminum steering with virtually no play.


Chassis and Topdeck

  • New carbon fiber chassis design for better flex characteristics and more traction.

  • Small holes in the chassis to check the right/left and also the front/rear balance of the vehicle.

  • Many different flex options in the engine mount area and the T-brace in the rear.

  • One-piece top deck included in the kit (two-piece top deck as tuning part).

  • Fan mount included in the bakuast.

  • Choice of aluminum or carbon fiber chassis.


Battery holder

  • New battery holder for tweak-free mounting without battery tape.

Technical specification

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 Instruction Manual  11.7MB

Setup Sheet (Asphalt EU)  3.09MB

Setup Sheet (Carpet, aluminum EU)  3.09MB
Setup Sheet (Carpet, carbon EU)  3.09MB