Kyosho Optima Mid 1/10 4wd Off-Road Buggy Kit

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Kyosho Optima Mid 4WD 1:10 Kit *Legendary Series*The amazing machine that made its debut in the world, which laid the foundation of the modern racing.

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Kyosho Optima Mid 1/10 4WD 1:10 Kit 

The amazing machine that made its debut in the world war , which laid the foundation of the modern racing buggy, is revived!


Optima Mid made a brilliant debut with the prototype introduced at the 2nd Electric Off-Road Car World Championship held in the United Kingdom in 1987, occupying 5 out of 10 final A main cars and winning second place. Taking advantage of Optima's undercarriage, which gained popularity due to its sophisticated design, the chassis layout with the motor placed in the midship laid the foundation for modern racing buggies. The Optima Mid is reprinted as the 10th vintage series. 6016T6 aluminum alloy is used for the main chassis to ensure rigidity. Each part has been updated according to the modern power system, such as adopting 48 pitch gears to improve drive efficiency and enable fine gear ratio setting. In addition, it is possible to adjust the tension of the belt with a belt tensioner, which was not available at that time, and realized smooth drive without loss. In addition, we have partially incorporated the equipment of Turbo Optima Mid, which was a high-end model at the time, such as FRP front and rear shock stays and a main chassis with countersunk holes. Of course, the body design faithfully reproduces the original and reproduces the leshy form. Optima Mid, which is fully featured in the popular vintage series. Please experience the driving that does not fade even now by the state-of-the-art mechanism at that time.


-The 10th model of the Kyosho vintage series to commemorate. The popular 4WD buggy that made a brilliant debut at the world championship has been updated in a modern style.
-The model that was very active in the electric buggy race in the late 1980s is reproduced as it was at that time. By reviewing the design of each part, it is compatible with the latest RC mechanism and motor & battery.
● Belt type 4WD system with excellent drive efficiency. Achieves stable driving even on roads with low grip, and demonstrates high driving performance even on modern circuits.
● Uses 48-pitch pinion and spur gear. The 82T spur gear common to the existing Altima RB7 is adopted, and 78T / 80T spur gear can be installed as an option.
● Equipped with a reinforced slipper-clutch that is compatible with powerful brushless motors. You can also change the settings by exchanging with the Altima RB slipper seat.
● Equipped with a holder that can handle various batteries. The battery is fixed with a hook-and-loop fastener with the KYOSHO logo.
-The newly designed wheels that reproduce the original design are equipped with the same tires as the reprinted Turbo Optima. Sufficient grip is secured.
● The reinforced nylon rear wing, which has moderate flexibility and strength, is the same as the previously reprinted javelin. The setting can be changed by adjusting the mounting angle in 3 steps.
● Tune-up is possible with abundant optional parts. It goes beyond the framework of a mere reprint model and can be enjoyed as an active model.

The basic design follows the Optima Mid at the time of 1987. As the name suggests, the layout has motors arranged in the midship, and by concentrating heavy objects in the center of the chassis, exercise performance is greatly improved.


The 6061T6 aluminum alloy main chassis, which has an excellent balance between rigidity and crash resistance, is countersunk to flatten the underside of the chassis and uses a hex type screw.


The front and rear shock stays have been updated from the original aluminum to FRP with turbo Optima Mid specifications.

 Equipped with an oil damper with a gold alumite finish, which is like a pressure damper that was predominant at that time. Fine setting is possible by adopting dial type vehicle height adjustment that allows fine adjustment of vehicle height easily.


Added stabilizer end mounting holes to the front suspension arm. The material has also been reviewed to increase strength and improve running stability.

 The belt tension can be adjusted with the newly equipped belt tensioner. Reduces loss and improves drive efficiency.


The belt cover that protects the drive belt from sand and pebbles has been updated from the vacuum-formed product at that time to a resin-molded product. Improved ease of assembly and dustproof performance.

 The 48-pitch spur gear is equipped with a slipper clutch that protects the gear from impact while driving.


Technical Data:

■ Overall length 375mm
■ Overall width 244mm
■ Overall height 142mm ■
Wheelbase 255mm
■ Tread (common to F / R)208mm 
■ Overall weight (when using 7.4V 4000 LiPo) Approximately 1,600g
■ Tire (common to F / R) φ82 × 36mm
■ Motor 540 class Size (sold separately)
■ Gear ratio 8.28: 1


● 2-channel radio set
● Servo
● 540 motor
● 210mm sensor cable
● Driving battery (7.2V NiMH battery or 7.4V Li-Po battery)
● Driving battery charger
● Battery for transmitter