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Tamiya sitt nyeste flaggskip på lastebil fronten. Denne lanseres våren 2020, og vi regner med at den er leveringsklar medio Mai. Mer realistisk lastebil skal en

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Lagerbalanse: 1
Artikkelnummer: 2-56362
Leverandør: Tamiya

Volvo FH16 750 Bergingsbil  fra Tamiya. Leveres som byggekit, uten radio/elektrisk. Løftemotor for bergingsbom selges som eget kit.


Bilen er 8x4, styring på 2 fremre akslinger, drift på 2 bakre.


Lengde : 750mm

Bredde : 195 mm

Høyde : 300 mm


Deler som trengs i tillegg får å ferdigstille bilen;


- Grunning og lakk

- Radio, 6 CH min

- Batteri 7.2V

- Lader

- ESC for motorkontroll

- Lys/lyd elektronikk, + lyspærer

- Løftemotor for bom

- Servo x2, for styring og gir. anbefaler 35kg for styring.

Our series of ultra-realistic 1/14 scale R/C trucks is a byword for fun, and offers a wide variety of different models and truck types. Now, it is to expand with another brand new type – the tow truck, which makes its living towing heavy duty vehicles such as tractor trucks. It promises a completely different element of enjoyment to predecessors in the series. The FH16 is marketed by Volvo, a renowned actor in the global commercial vehicle market. The FH Series includes a 750hp 16.1-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine FH16 Globetrotter 750 8×4 tow truck.
About the Model
• This is a 1/14 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 750mm, width: 195mm, height: 300mm. • Features a detailed molded plastic depiction of the cab, with photo-etched front grille and interior features.
• This model’s front axles feature the first twin steering system seen in the Tamiya 1/14 Truck series.
• The rear boom and underlift mechanism features plenty of metal components for excellent durability. Employ the new separately sold Actuator Set (Item 56553) to control them via R/C transmitter.
• Ladder frame has aluminum side channels and resin cross members. Power from the front motor is delivered to the two rear axles via propeller shaft. A built-in differential gear on each axle enables smooth cornering.
• Highly-realistic suspension utilizes metal leaf springs and friction dampers. The model enjoys easy driving thanks to the float-mounted die-cast front and reinforced resin rear axles.
• Three-speed transmission allows shifting via transmitter (only one gear is usable when towing).
• Headlights and taillights can be lit up with separately sold LEDs, and the model is compatible with Item 56523 Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit “Euro-Style” (MFC-03).
• Compatible TROP truck option parts: 56523, 56531, 56538, 56548, 56549, 56550, 56551, 56553.